Choosing the Best Comforters and Quilts

Choosing the best comforters and quilts for your bedroom bedding isn’t just a case of going to the nearest shop or searching the internet and buying the first thing you see; there are lots of things to consider.

Warmth Rating

Comforters and quilts have a warmth rating which may vary according to manufacturer but will normally represent cool, warm or extra warm. You can also buy a dual quilt which is one warm and one cool quilt which you can use together or separately, depending on the weather.

Which rating you choose will depend on what you wear in bed and whether you have heating on at night or not. In general, you will want cool if you wear thick night attire and have central heating on while you sleep. Warm would be suitable for thinner nightwear and heating which has been on but goes off at night and extra warm would be great for a drafty old house with no heating at all.

Your personal temperature gauge will give you a clue as to which would be best suited to your needs.

Down or Down-Alternative

Having decided on the warmth you need, the filling of the comforter or quilt is the next thing to consider.

Down is a natural insulation material and is not too heavy. However, being a natural product, it may not suit those with allergies. Down is better for regulating temperature but that quality comes at a price.

Goose down is more expensive as the down which comes from wild birds is often in larger clusters thus making them warmer. Duck down clusters, particularly from farmed ducks, are often smaller and therefore cheaper.

Down quality is measured in fill power or down per ounce; 600 or more is really good.

Down is sometimes mixed with feathers, thus giving a cheaper alternative.

Down alternatives are usually synthetic or cellulose fibres, both of which are designed to assist with wicking away moisture but often have a lot of filling which makes them feel heavier than a down filling.

Check down-alternative filling by rubbing it between your fingers. If it feels quite loose and rubs easily, then it of a better quality than that which is already clumped together.

Make sure that the stitching on the quilt or comforter is in a grid pattern. This will make sure that the filling won’t shift around and form clumps.


Before you buy, make sure that your quilt or comforter will fit your bed. For extra comfort, you may want to get a size larger than the actual bed so that you have plenty of extra down the sides.

Here at Comforters and Quilts you will find a huge selection of Luxury brands, sizes and choices for filling for your new, cozy comforter or quilt, so enjoy a browse around before you buy.

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